Pinnacle Alliance Fund, Inc.

Property Management is key to protecting your investment. At Pinnacle Alliance Fund, our team focuses not only on Owner needs, concerns, or demands, but on tenant satisfaction as well to ensure extended leases and trustworthy tenant -owner relationships. Our responsibilities as the management team include but are not limited to:

Property Management Services

Authority and Responsibilities of Agent

Agent will manage and operate the Property as Owner's exclusive representative, manager, and agent; and shall have the following authority and responsibilities:
  • Enforce the collection of all rentals and other charges due to the Owner from Tenants of the Property
  • Use reasonable diligence to enforce warranties given in connection with construction of the Property
  • Employ, supervise, and discharge on behalf of Owner all independent contractors and other employees required in the discretion of Agent for the operation of the Property
  • Prepare an Operating Budget showing anticipated income and expenses of the Property
  • Maintain books of account of all receipts and disbursements incurred in the management of the Property which are available at all times to Owner's inspection upon reasonable notice
  • Prepare monthly written statements to Owner showing all receipts and disbursements
  • Establish and maintain an operating account for the deposit of monies collected and bill payments on the property
  • Keep record of all bills paid for the property by said management company
  • Handle any and all tenant issues with respect of the Owners final decisions

Current Managed Properties

  • Pinnacle Alliance Fund Wilcrest Retail Center
  • Pinnacle Alliance Fund Brittmoore Office Building
  • Pinnacle Alliance Fund Dixie Drive Retail Center
  • Pinnacle Alliance Fund Pinnacle Park Development
  • Central Express Realty Eldridge Retail Center
  • Northcross Partners One Northgate Office Building
  • Wright Mortgage & Investment Company Dixie Drive Commercial Development